Universal VMware Tools Uninstaller

I've created the following Powershell script which will uninstall all versions of VMware Tools from a server. Particularly handy for SCCM deployment. uninstall_vmware_tools.ps1 $regpath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" $regkey = gci $regpath | Get-ItemProperty | Where-Object{"VMware Tools" -contains $_.DisplayName} #Uninstall String msiexec /x $regkey.PSChildName /qn #Reboot server within 120 seconds. shutdown -r -f -t 120   The … Continue reading Universal VMware Tools Uninstaller


Home Folder – Compare folders against current domain users

Here is a PowerShell script which probes network home folders with users against the domain. Helpful in order to determine which home folders no longer reference current user accounts and which can safely be removed/archived. $folders = gci "\\Domain.Local\DFS\Users" #This is the root path containing home folders. foreach ($folder in $folders)   {     $username1 … Continue reading Home Folder – Compare folders against current domain users

Home Folder – Archiving Disabled Users

Here is aPowerShell script to archive all users within an organisational unit (Disabled Users) to a network path. Prerequisite is to grant your Administrator account with ownership/full control permissions to home folders in question prior move. If this condition is not met, then original home folders will remain with remnant data which was inaccessible. $users … Continue reading Home Folder – Archiving Disabled Users