HVTools Released

Overview HVTools (formerly VMM Tools) is a utility programmed a complete SCVMM inventory. It will effectively report on you whole SCVMM environment including details such as clusters, hosts, patch levels, firmware, VMs, backend storage, underlying network and more. It is a fast, lightweight app and does not require installation. Current features include: Get comprehensive virtual … Continue reading HVTools Released

KVT Tool Major Update – 1.5.7

Overview Great news! I have recently performed major upgrades to KVT Tool. These new features bring both beauty and finesse. Noteworthy mentions: Moved away from traditional PS arrays. Now using data table objects.Improved UI by leveraging DataGridView and TabControl forms.Unfroze the UI! Achieved this thanks to [runspacefactory] RunspacePools. Took a little while to master, but … Continue reading KVT Tool Major Update – 1.5.7

PowerShell AD Manager Report

We can generate a list of users and their corresponding managers entered against AD user objects by using Powershell. echo user1, user2, user3 | get-aduser -Properties manager | Select-Object -Property Name, @{label='Manager';expression={$_.manager -replace '^CN=|,.* Replace user1, user2, user3 with usernames of objects. We can export this list by adding the line | Export-CSV "C:\LineManagers.csv"   … Continue reading PowerShell AD Manager Report