HVTools Major Update – 1.6.5

Overview A lot of bug fixes and features packed into this release! Enjoy 😉 Changelog Other cosmetic improvements.1.6.5 Rounded off large number column values.Search filter now works across all tabs.Added reset counter for clusters $c in ClusterNetworks foreach loop.1.6.4 Added tab filter for all 8 datagrids.1.6.3 Major update. Packed new features in including Clusters, Hosts, … Continue reading HVTools Major Update – 1.6.5

HVTools Released

Overview HVTools (formerly VMM Tools) is a utility programmed a complete SCVMM inventory. It will effectively report on you whole SCVMM environment including details such as clusters, hosts, patch levels, firmware, VMs, backend storage, underlying network and more. It is a fast, lightweight app and does not require installation. Current features include: Get comprehensive virtual … Continue reading HVTools Released

Universal VMware Tools Uninstaller

I've created the following Powershell script which will uninstall all versions of VMware Tools from a server. Particularly handy for SCCM deployment. uninstall_vmware_tools.ps1 $regpath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" $regkey = gci $regpath | Get-ItemProperty | Where-Object{"VMware Tools" -contains $_.DisplayName} #Uninstall String msiexec /x $regkey.PSChildName /qn #Reboot server within 120 seconds. shutdown -r -f -t 120   The … Continue reading Universal VMware Tools Uninstaller