Major Incident Notification Template


This email template is intended to provide businesses with transparency for priority 1 and/or priority 2 critical incidents.

The concept is to provide a concise update within time intervals, progressing the incident towards resolution.

Use Case

The below matrix is a strong guideline on when to send these email comms. These numbers are industry practice and have been formulated to provide an effective balance between communication and technical resolution.

Ideally, it is the incident manager’s duty to share these comms across the business, allowing the assigned engineer to perform technical work in tandem without loss of focus on the P1/P2 incident.

Priority 11 hour
Priority 22 hour

Email Template

Subject: Priority {number} Incident Notification – {Ticket number} – {Short summary}


Hi all,

Please be advised that an issue has been identified that is currently under the control of the Major Incident Management team. The reported issue is affecting {Service name}.

Details of the outage can be found below:

APPLICATION/SERVICE AFFECTED: ____________________________________________________________
IMPACTED AREA: ____________________________________________________________
CURRENT STATUS / ACTIONS COMPLETED: ____________________________________________________________
NEXT ACTIONS: ____________________________________________________________
ETA NEXT UPDATE: ____________________________________________________________