How to run Terraform Code

In this tutorial, we will be executing Terraform code to create a new Azure Resource Group. Prerequisites Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Terraform extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Code for creating a Resource Group resource "azurerm_resource_group" "web_server_rg" { name="web-rg" location="westus2" } Apply Changes Within Microsoft Visual Studio Code; Right-click our TF file. In this example, … Continue reading How to run Terraform Code

How to create an Azure SPN for Terraform

Service Principal Name is effectively a service account within Azure. Required in this scenario for our Terraform Provider function to connect our TF code to our Azure Subscription. Login to Click into Azure Active Directory. Click App Registrations >+ New registration. Provide a name for your SPN ie. terraform-spn, provide any valid URL within … Continue reading How to create an Azure SPN for Terraform