Kepner Tregoe Troubleshooting Methodology

Kepner Tregoe methodology is a concept of troubleshooting any type of problem one may encounter in the world.

It is an incredibly useful concept for sourcing the cause of deviation and effectively solving an incident in a very efficient manner.

It involves defining the dimensions of a problem;


WHAT: Describe what the problem or request is.

WHERE: Where is the problem occurring? Which site or which workstation/server?

WHEN: When did the problem occur. When did it last work fine?

EXTENT: How many users are experiencing or are affected by the problem.


This will ensure several things:

  1. The next engineer who takes ownership of the ticket is informed enough to troubleshoot and provide a solution.
  2. Provide you with clarity over the incident/problem to efficiently provide a solution.

The more you incorporate and practice defining these dimensions, the faster your deduction skills will improve.

Adhere to these concepts and you will become a superior engineer not just in IT, but in all trades.