Installing software on HP T5740 thin clients

This guide may also apply to other models of thin clients and operating systems such as Windows 2009 Standard Embedded.

Disable File-Based Write Filter

  1. Power on the thin client and launch into Windows.
  2. Holding down the SHIFT key, log off via the Start Menu.
  3. At the login screen, login using local Administrator credentials.
  4. Once logged in, right click the little green padlock in the notification tray on the bottom right and disable FBWF.
  5. Reboot the system.
  6. Follow steps 2 and 3.

Installing software

  1. Create two folders on the local C:\ drive called TMP and TEMP
  2. Copy your software/application setup file to the Desktop.
  3. Launch command prompt.
  4. Navigate to the desktop within command prompt.
    cd Desktop
  5. Issue the following commands in order to bypass FWBF cache restrictions:
    set tmp=C:\TMP
    set temp=C:\TEMP
  6. Now execute your software/application setup file within CMD. Example:
  7. Once you finalise the installation, ensure you cleanup by removing your software/application setup file from the Desktop and the two TEMP directories created in step 1.