HVTools Major Update – 1.6.5

Overview A lot of bug fixes and features packed into this release! Enjoy 😉 Changelog Other cosmetic improvements.1.6.5 Rounded off large number column values.Search filter now works across all tabs.Added reset counter for clusters $c in ClusterNetworks foreach loop.1.6.4 Added tab filter for all 8 datagrids.1.6.3 Major update. Packed new features in including Clusters, Hosts, … Continue reading HVTools Major Update – 1.6.5


HVTools Released

Overview HVTools (formerly VMM Tools) is a utility programmed a complete SCVMM inventory. It will effectively report on you whole SCVMM environment including details such as clusters, hosts, patch levels, firmware, VMs, backend storage, underlying network and more. It is a fast, lightweight app and does not require installation. Current features include: Get comprehensive virtual … Continue reading HVTools Released

KVT Tool Major Update – 1.5.7

Overview Great news! I have recently performed major upgrades to KVT Tool. These new features bring both beauty and finesse. Noteworthy mentions: Moved away from traditional PS arrays. Now using data table objects.Improved UI by leveraging DataGridView and TabControl forms.Unfroze the UI! Achieved this thanks to [runspacefactory] RunspacePools. Took a little while to master, but … Continue reading KVT Tool Major Update – 1.5.7

Major Incident Notification Template

Overview This email template is intended to provide businesses with transparency for priority 1 and/or priority 2 critical incidents. The concept is to provide a concise update within time intervals, progressing the incident towards resolution. Use Case The below matrix is a strong guideline on when to send these email comms. These numbers are industry … Continue reading Major Incident Notification Template

How to monitor Ribbon SBC using Azure Log Analytics

In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to configure monitoring of your Ribbon SBC appliance using Microsoft Azure Log Analytics. Particularly useful as Ribbon currently do not provide a monitoring solution for Ribbon SBC on Azure. Let's face it, Azure monitoring is downright awesome. It's super easy to get going, inexpensive (compared to … Continue reading How to monitor Ribbon SBC using Azure Log Analytics

Report Azure AD user IDs last logon timestamp using Microsoft Graph API

It's been a while since I've updated my blog so here we go! This is a step-instruction guide on how to generate Azure AD reports listing all users' last logon time. This is particularly handy as is not possible to generate any such report using AzureAD or AzureADPreview PowerShell modules. Prerequisites Azure Active DirectoryWeb browserMicrosoft … Continue reading Report Azure AD user IDs last logon timestamp using Microsoft Graph API

Connect to AWS CLI via Powershell

In this tutorial, you can connect your Powershell terminal to AWS CLI using SAML2AWS. Especially handy for AWS tenancies utilising MFA authentication. Pre-requisites Powershell 5.1 Chocolatey SAML2AWS Instructions Launch elevated Powershell. Execute CMDLET Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process. Download and save Chocolatey installation script. Install Chocolatey by executing installation script using CMDLET .\install.ps1. Wait for it … Continue reading Connect to AWS CLI via Powershell

Azure ExpressRoute Utilisation – Automate EOM Reporting with Log Analytics & Logic Apps

We can generate ExpressRoute link utilisation within Azure by leveraging log analytics, logic apps and email! Very beneficial for automating end of month reporting.   Pre-requisites Azure subscription. Log analytics workspace (per GB if you require reporting more than 7 days). ExpressRoute link. ExpressRoute network monitor SPN SMTP Relay   KQL KQL stands for Kusto-Query … Continue reading Azure ExpressRoute Utilisation – Automate EOM Reporting with Log Analytics & Logic Apps